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December will mark the 80th year of our club.
To celebrate this event the Club will have a one page exhibit competition the fall culminating at our 80th Anniversary Meeting in December.
Grand Prize will be $50. based on ballots submitted. October submissions will receive 10 ballots, November submissions will receive 7 ballots and December submissions will receive 1 ballot. In addition exhibits will be judged to award three additional prizes based on Judges evaluations.
Entries in this class shall be complete philatelic exhibits presented on One Page. The page size is to be 8×1/2 x 11″or 210 mm x 297 mm.
The Story told in a One Page Exhibit must be entirely contained on one page and should be one that cannot easily be expanded to a larger exhibit, i.e. one frame or more.
The exhibit may include stamps, covers and other recognized philatelic material from the established Exhibiting Classes with written text as necessary to relate a “Philatelic Story”. The story should be evident from the accompanying text or the general arrangement of the philatStory
The single most important aspect of a One Page Exhibit is the Story it relates. The story can be related with stamps alone or with stamps, covers, appropriate collateral material and text or captions. Where collateral material is used, it must not overshadow the philatelic material. The story can be in several forms. A story relating to:
– a particular Philatelic Item or Items
– the issue or use of a particular stamp
– to Postal History or Postal Markings
– Philatelic Research of some kind.
– an unusual or specific event
– a story which is Topical or Thematic.

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